OMTEC 2015 Speaker Presentations

Technical Seminar: Computer Aided Inspection

High-accuracy 3D scanning and dimensional inspection to design reference documentation is the best method of parts production for any precision manufactured part, especially curved and organic-shaped components so prevalent in implants. Using 3D scanners with accuracies in the microns to digitize the entire part surface, align the part scan file to the Computer Aided Design model, generate a dynamic color-plot of geometric conformance and deviation, extract the dimensions called out in the blueprint and organize them into spreadsheet reports is the modern method for product dimensional quality control and rapid precision process optimization. This measurement method has the advantages of comprehensiveness (full part inspection), accuracy (+/- 2-5 microns), ease of understanding from the dynamic 3D conformance visualization and process speed (especially in automated systems), since this method is so much faster than traditional systems.

Session Takeaways:
  • R&D gains better understanding of how to dimension blueprints to benefit from 3D inspection
  • Operations receives guidance to supply better precision parts, much faster, at lower cost and with greater confidence
  • Procurement can more accurately qualify suppliers, know whether parts conform before they ship
  • Regulatory gains clarity on the use of CAI to improve all aspects of the production industry, leading to better patient satisfaction and outcomes, fewer recalls and revision surgeries
Who Should Attend?
  • Buyer/Planner
  • Regulatory/Clinical Affairs
  • Research & Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing

Bill Greene is a Founding Partner and Vice President of Business Development of Smart Inspection Systems LLC, providing precision manufacturing industries with advanced dimensional quality inspection professional services and turnkey automated systems to accelerate manufacturing process optimization and delivery of conforming products to the marketplace. Mr. Greene has a strong background in factory automation with process robotic systems and comprehensive manufacturing and logistics systems integration. He also has gained expertise in the rapid business growth of early-stage technology companies with equity-partnership technology accelerator.

Mr. Greene holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Metallurgical Engineering, Materials Science and Economics from the University of Arizona.