Sriram Sankar

Sriram Sankar


Director of R&D,

DiFusion Technologies

Mr. Sankar is a biomaterials expert with over 12 years of research experience revolving around preventing orthopedic device-associated complications. Mr. Sankar’s work has focused on osteoimmunology, the study of the relationship between the musculoskeletal system and immune system, and its importance as a criterion for consideration in biomaterial research. His work has included a combination of tests on current design materials in spinal implant devices involving macrophages, which have facilitated the understanding behind the mechanism of fibrous capsule formation anecdotally reported with PEEK spine implants. The cell studies, in combination with larger animal studies, help clarify the importance of appropriate choice in biomaterials and its implications for the orthopedic and spine field.

Mr. Sankar currently serves as Director of R&D at DiFusion Technologies, he has a Master’s from Clemson University.

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June 17,2021

Better Bone Integration and Faster Healing: Next-Generation Biomaterials

10:00 am-10:45 am

Tech Center