Mark Freier


Executive Coach,

WhatIf Enterprises

Mr. Freier grew up in southwest Michigan as a pastor's kid who watched his dad apply out-of-box thinking in his leadership. While vowing never to become a pastor, he ended up getting a Master of Divinity where he applied the same out-of-box thinking to create experiential learning environments for children to adults. This eventually led him into studying transformational change theory and transformational leadership.

His business began in 2000, when a friend and former trainer for the Detroit Red Wings asked him for help as he developed his business. Mr. Freier eventually resigned from his ministerial career, hired a coach and began to develop a business plan that led him to Whatif Enterprises. As the Executive Coach and Trusted Advisor of WhatIf Enterprises, Mr. Freier focuses on transformational leadership and its correlation to building disciplined and high-performance teams. He is the author of "The Choice to Show Up" and "The Execution Culture."

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June 15,2022

How to Drive a Culture of Continuous Improvement

3:15 pm-4:00 pm

Room 45