John Bohenick


Research, Development and Engineering Manager,

Osseus Fusion Systems

John Bohenick is the Manager of Research, Development, and Engineering at Osseus Fusion Systems with over six years of experience in delivering solutions making people’s lives easier and healthier.

Mr. Bohenick began working in medical devices designing and fabricating shear force test bioreactors for ovarian cancer research at the University of Michigan. He developed spine orthopedics at Globus Medical, where he launched the largest footprint interbody device in the world. Under his direction, Osseus launched a new posterior cervical fixation system, a new sacroiliac joint fusion system and a new disruptive standalone ALIF system in 2022. He achieves profitable growth through a balanced and focused business approach centered on strategic development initiatives, relationship development and operational efficiency. Mr. Bohenick has a keen interest in the mechanics of the human body and new technologies that disrupt the status quo.

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June 15,2022

Additive Manufacturing: Overcoming Fatigue Strength Hurdles in Orthopedic Implants

2:00 pm-2:45 pm

Tech Center