Adam Griebel

Adam Griebel


Senior R&D Engineer,

Fort Wayne Metals

Mr. Griebel is a Senior R&D Engineer at Fort Wayne Metals, supplier of wire and bar products to the medical industry. In this role, he has worked in a wide range of alloy systems and product forms. Most recently, his efforts have focused on absorbable magnesium-based materials and advanced deformation processes. His work at Fort Wayne Metals encompasses the full spectrum of materials development, from new alloy designs and metalworking processes to application-specific assessments and IP strategies. This work has led to numerous invited and keynote presentations, as well as the 2018 Award of Excellence from the International Magnesium Association. Mr. Griebel is presently helping to standardize the absorbable metal field as Convener of the ISO TC150/WG13 working group.

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June 17,2021

Expand Your Material Toolbox: Alloys and Processes to Improve Orthopedic Implants

11:15 am-12:00 pm

Tech Center