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OMTEC 2019 Speakers

Download presentations here

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Thank you to these professionals for sharing their time, experience and expertise! Review the complete OMTEC Agenda to plan your conference schedule.

Keynote Speakers - Wednesday, June 12

Mike Mogul 200x200 rev

Mike Mogul
President and
Managing Director,

Robert Ball 200x200 rev1

Robert Ball - Panelist 
Medical Device
Engineering and
Genesis Innovation Group 

vernon Hartdegen 200x200

Vernon Hartdegen - 
President and CEO,
Extremity Systems 

Andy McLeod 200x200

Andy McLeod - Panelist 
Corin USA 

Padraic Obma 200x200

Padraic Obma, M.D. - 
Founder and CEO,
Strive Orthopedics 

Keynote Speakers - Thursday, June 13

Robert Poggie BioVera

Robert Poggie, Ph.D.
President, BioVera 

joshua jacobs 200x200

Joshua Jacobs, M.D. - Panelist 
Chairman, Department of
Orthopedic Surgery,
Rush University Medical Center 

Kornelis Poelstra 200x200 rev1

Kornelis Poelstra, M.D., Ph.D. - 
Founder and Director,
Spine Center of Excellence,
Sacred Heart Hospital 

Douglas Unis 200x200

Douglas Unis, M.D. - Panelist 
Founder and CMO,
Monogram Orthopaedics 

Session Speakers

Payman Afshari 200x200
Payman Afshari, Ph.D. 
Senior Principal Engineer,
DePuy Synthes Spine 

Parimal Bapat 200x00
Parimal Bapat, Ph.D. 
Research Engineer,
Orchid Orthopedic Solutions 

Ryan Belaney 200x200
Ryan Belaney 
Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs,
Active Implants

Jeff Bell 200x200
Jeff Bell 
Clinical Assistant
Professor, Management

Dominican University 

Ulf Brogren 200x200
Ulf Brogren 
Sales Operations in
North America, Promimic

Andy Christensen 200x200
Andy Christensen 
Adjunct Professor/Research
Associate, Department of
Radiology, University of Ottawa 

Jason Cianfrani 200x200
Jason Cianfrani 
Vice President Product
Development, Camber Spine 

Cornwall 200x200
G. Bryan Cornwall, Ph.D., PEng. 
Founder and Principal,
Cornwall Bioengineering
& Communications 

Gordon Donald 200x200
Gordon Donald, Ph.D. 
Managing Member and
Director of Spinal Surgery,
NJ Ortho Group 

Dillan Drake 200x200
Dillan Drake 
Additive Manufacturing Consultant,
EOS North America

Lisa Ferrara 200x200 rev1
Lisa Ferrara, Ph.D. 
Owner and President,
OrthoKinetic Technologies 

Matthias Fink 200x200
Matthias Fink, M.D. 
Clinical Reviewer, Global Team
Leader Ortho and Trauma, 

Gary Fischman 200x200
Gary Fischman, Ph.D. 

Principal and Owner,
Future Strategy Solutions

ken gall 200x200
Ken Gall, Ph.D. 
Chair of Mechanical Engineering
and Materials Science,
Duke University 

Joe George 200x200
Joe George, DPM 
Podiatric Surgeon,
Illinois Orthopedic Institute 

Chuck Hansford 200x200 rev1
Chuck Hansford 
Director of Advanced
Material Processing, Tecomet 

Natalie Heck 200x200
Natalie Heck 
Associate Director,
Corporate Regulatory Affairs,
Zimmer Biomet

Gordon Hunter 200x200 rev1
Gordon Hunter, Ph.D. 
Principal Manager, Material
Science, Smith & Nephew 

Edward Jaeck 200x200

Edward Jaeck 
Vice President of Strategic
Growth and Business
Development, Lowell 

David Jensen 200x200

David Jensen 
Chief Executive Officer,
Strategic Business Systems 

Raj Kasinath 200x200
Rajendra Kasinath, Ph.D. 
Staff Scientist
DePuy Synthes

Gene Kulesha 200x200
Gene Kulesha
Senior Director of
Advanced Engineering,
Onkos Surgical 

Mukesh Kumar 200x200

Mukesh Kumar, Ph.D.,  
Global Director of Technology,
Surface Dynamics

Jim Kwan 200x200
James Kwan 
Vice President of Operations

Kimberly Light 200x200 rev1
Kimberly Light 
Director of Regulatory Affairs 

John Manning 200x200
John Manning
Associate Director of Sourcing Compliance and Process Improvement, Zimmer Biomet

Byron Masi 200x200
Byron Masi, Ph.D. 
Associate Director R&D - Global Alignment & U.S. Innovation,

Chris McDade 200x200
Chris McDade 
Senior Project Manager,
DePuy Synthes 

Dawn Norman 200x200 rev1
Dawn Norman 
Executive Vice
President, MRC-X 

Christopher Pelt 200x200
Christopher E. Pelt, M.D. 
Medical Director of Orthopaedic
and Trauma Unit,
University Hospital 



Speaker Presentations
will be available for download on or before
June 21.

Rachel Rath 200x200
Rachel R. Rath, MPH 
Deputy Director, NESTcc
Medical Device
Innovation Consortium 

Karl Richter 200x200
Karl Richter 
RFH BioTek 

Armando Salito 200x200
Armando Salito 
Director, Coating and
Additive Manufacturing Innovation,
Orchid Orthopedic Solutions

Chris Scifert 200x200 rev1
Christopher Scifert, Ph.D. 
Director of Engineering,
Orchid Design 

Dan Segina 200x200
Daniel Segina, M.D. 
Director of Orthopaedic Trauma,
Vice Chairman, Department
of Orthopaedics 
Holmes Regional Medical Center 

Kris Siemionow 200x200 rev2
Kris Siemionow, M.D., Ph.D. 
Chief Executive Officer,

Max Singh 200x200 rev2
Max Singh, Ph.D. 
Global Director - Orthopedic
Focus Team, TÜV SÜD 

mark spearman 200x200
Mark Spearman, Ph.D. 
Director of Technical Solutions,
Strategic Project Solutions 

Sharon Starowicz 200x200
Sharon Starowicz 
Director of Regulatory Policy Innovation, Global Orthopaedics, Johnson & Johnson

Jason Stone 
Global Commodity Manager, 
Zimmer Biomet

Jeff Tyber 200x200
Jeff Tyber 
Founder, President and CEO
Tyber Medical 

Thomas Webster 200x200
Thomas Webster, Ph.D. 
Department Chair
Chemical Engineering,
Northeastern University 

Elizabeth Wray 200x00
Elizabeth Wray 
Department of Regulatory Affairs
Zimmer Biomet