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OEM R&D Leaders Discuss Additive Manufacturing Implementation and Advancement

GE Additive Tech Center | Wednesday, June 13 | 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Moderator: Maximilian Munsch, Dr.-Ing., Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Ampower 
Michele Pressacco, Dr.-Ing., Research & Development Director, LimaCorporate
Jennifer Moore, Senior Project Engineer, K2M
Jessee Hunt, President & CEO, 4WEB Medical


    While all attendees will benefit from this session, the check marks indicate the skill level and roles that this session targets.
    Beginner  |   Intermediate  |   Advanced

  √ Manufacturing
√ Product Management
 √ Purchasing
 √ Quality Control
√ Regulatory/Clinical Affairs
√ Research/Development/Design
√ Supply Chain Management



This panel will discuss implementation and advancement of additive in terms of manufacturing quality and considerations/expectations surrounding the supply chain. Conversations about additive manufacturing often center on aspects of cost, speed, advanced designs and clinical outcomes. Our highly-regulated, patient-facing industry demands that quality—of the process, of the machine, of the finished product and the knowledge overseeing the entire process. Device companies implementing or exploring the use of additive manufacturing must consider how quality applies to the technology. It’s a question that must be answered whether you’re utilizing additive in-house or exploring outsourcing options. The exciting future of the technology in the orthopaedic space will also be addressed.

Attendee Takeaways

  1. When to use and not use additive manufacturing—technology, cost and outsourcing perspectives
  2. How to maintain manufacturing quality
  3. Expectations for the supply chain
  4. Perspective on the future of additive



Munsch 200x200Maximilian Munsch, Dr.-Ing., is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Ampower, an additive manufacturing consulting company, whose mission is to empower customers to establish complete AM process chains required for an industrial production, especially in regulated environments. Dr. Munsch established a process chain for medical applications using AM during the final thesis of his engineering degree at Hamburg University of Technology. In 2012, after finishing his dissertation on reduction of residual stresses in laser-based powder bed fusion of metals, he became Head of Additive Manufacturing at German endoprosthesis manufacturer Implantcast, where he planned and implemented an AM facility for production of series and custom-made implants. During this time, he acquired extensive, hands-on experience with electron beam-based powder bed fusion of metals as well as an understanding of challenges of running AM processes in regulated environments. In 2016, Dr. Munsch started his first consulting business for industrial AM and co-founded Ampower in 2017. As independent consultant, he has successfully planned, implemented and qualified multiple AM productions for regulated applications in both medical and aerospace.  

Pressacco 200x200Michele Pressacco has served as Research & Development Director for LimaCorporate since 2014. He previously served in various roles within the company’s Product Development Division, where he has contributed with numerous patents and launch of several successful products. Mr. Pressaco has been involved in the additive manufacturing industry since 2000, and has written numerous related articles and presented at various symposiums. He holds a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Udine and successfully completed the Leading Product Innovation Course at the Harvard Business School. He is a member of the Management Team and the IP Board within LimaCorporate.

Moore 200x200Jennifer Moore is a Senior Project Engineer with K2M and has 12 years of experience in spinal medical devices and biologics. Her design experience includes pedicle screw systems, standalone systems, interbody systems, expandable implants and over 20 issued and pending patents. She spearheaded K2M’s additive manufacturing efforts and developed the award-winning Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology that the K2M team has implemented in over ten commercialized implant lines in the spine industry. Her team launched the first 3D-printed expandable interbody in 2017, and continues to create innovative solutions that improve user experiences with their systems.

Hunt 200x200Jessee Hunt is the President of 4WEB Medical. He founded 4WEB in 2008 to support the use of 3D printing to create orthopaedic implants for the spine, foot and ankle, as well as other custom implants. In his 20 years of industry experience, Mr. Hunt has worked extensively on development, manufacturing, supply chain, quality, regulatory, sales and distribution of 3D-printed implants and more specifically, 4WEB Medical’s proprietary implant designs. 4WEB products incorporate Truss Implant Technology™, featuring a geometric structure designed to stimulate healing through structural mechanics and the implant’s biologic interaction.


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