In-person OMTEC Will Return in 2022

Align your brand with OMTEC’s purposeful, trusted education curriculum and its internationally recognized commitment to the advancement of orthopaedics. Mike Casey, Fran Bursic, and Brad Frey team up to provide you with focused attention and care. They welcome the opportunity to help you select (or custom-build) the sponsorship that exceeds your expectations.

All sponsors benefit from the following:
  • Company logo displayed in a list of sponsors on the OMTEC website.
  • Brand/logo exposure in eNewsletters.
  • Acknowledgment in the Advance and Final Programs.
  • Company logo displayed on a ten-foot welcome tower.
  • Enhanced listing online and in programs.
  • Promo code to share with customers.
Select sponsor packages may include one or more of the following:
  • Participation in an onsite raffle to drive OEMs to your booth.
  • Executive Interview/Q&A video recorded onsite and shared afterward.
  • Private meeting room onsite.

OMTEC 2021 Opportunities Include

PLATINUM | $18,995 | 4 available


Breakfast Keynote Address (2 available)

Assert your company as the exclusive supporter of pertinent content and get a generous hot meal. The luxuriously set banquet room will display your company logo boldly on the opening slides and through a lighted display on the wall. You will have the unique and powerful opportunity to address the audience and introduce the speaker(s).

Tech Center

A custom-built, high-traffic educational area with seating for 90+ right on the exhibit floor. Your company will be displayed as the exclusive sponsor of the education and the space. You will be involved in crafting the education lineup and your company logo will be displayed on floor stickers leading to the Tech Center, on opening and interim slides, and on on-site signage that lists the schedule for that room, as well as on custom-printed placemats.

Lunch with the Experts (1 available)

Your company will be positioned as the exclusive sponsor of a networking lunch, which includes a special interactive seating area consisting of seven (7) company-branded banquet tables that seat six (6) (one expert, five attendees), where a focused, intimate dialogue among experts from your company and OMTEC’s Speaker list and pre-registered OEM participants will be held. Your company will kick off the roundtable discussions with a five-minute opening address and end the event with a five-minute wrap-up. We'll head up the invitations, confirmations, and requests for pre-event questions from confirmed participants.


GOLD | $14,995 | 6 available


Education Rooms

More than a dozen sessions take place off the exhibit floor in two session rooms. Your company logo will be prominently displayed in those rooms throughout the duration of the conference through opening and interim slides, custom printed placemats, and on onsite signage that lists the schedule for those rooms.

Conference Bags

Nylon portfolios bearing your company logo are provided to OMTEC’s attendees at check-in.

Surgeon Pod

Staffed exclusively by surgeons, the well-attended yet intimate setting evokes meaningful dialogue on more diverse, future-oriented topics such as care delivery, consumerization of devices and additive manufacturing. Your company will be displayed as the exclusive sponsor of the education and the space. Specifically, your company logo will be displayed on floor stickers leading to the Surgeon Pod, on opening and interim slides and on onsite signage that lists the schedule for that room.

Welcome Reception Co-Sponsor

Greet attendees as they walk through the door and provide them each with custom-printed drink tickets bearing your company logo. The Welcome Reception is held on Tuesday evening before the exhibit floor opens and is co-sponsored by ORTHOWORLD.

Exhibit Floor Open House and Happy Hour

Two hours on Wednesday evening are reserved for all attendees to mingle and network over refreshments and appetizers. Your company brand will be prominently displayed with an opportunity to personally greet and serve participants.


SILVER | $7,995 | 7 available


Refreshment Breaks (3 available)

Choose one of three available breaks (morning or afternoon) during which refreshments or snacks are served at or near your booth.

Coffee/Tea Station (2 available)

Access to coffee and tea is a popular request among attendees. This branded sponsorship opportunity is located directly on the exhibit floor, providing additional exposure for your company throughout the event.


All OMTEC badges will be clipped to logo-branded lanyards that we provide.

Session Rooms Lounge

Support education goers by sponsoring a seating and refreshments space near the session rooms. Your brand will be prominently displayed.


BRONZE | $5,995 | 7 available


Water Stations (2 available)

Six five-gallon water coolers are positioned throughout the exhibit floor for the duration of the event and prominently bear your company’s logo.

Directional Signs

Six of OMTEC’s directional signs will bear your company’s logo and booth number, and will be placed in various high-traffic walkways that lead to Hall G in the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

Charging Stations (2 available)

This custom opportunity will provide visibility of your brand to all event attendees. It also allows a space to gather and network while attendees are charging their devices.

Pen with Stylus

This useful giveaway will be provided to attendees at badge pick-up and prominently display your brand.

Additional Promotional Opportunities:
  • Conference Bag Insert: $695
  • Event Mobile App: $4,995