OMTEC Exhibitor In-Booth Presentations and Demos

Abstract Requirements and Details

Submission Process Now Open

Ten abstracts will be selected by OMTEC's Advisory Board for in-booth presentations.
Abstracts Deadline is February 3, 2023. Results announced March 1.

To bolster OMTEC's robust education curriculum, confirmed exhibitors are invited to present technical knowledge, best practices, case studies, how-tos and innovations to enhance the learning and partnership opportunities for all participants. OEMs seek passionate leaders, innovators and subject-matter experts who employ exciting and engaging presentation styles on topics that are relevant, credible and aligned with orthopedic industry challenges and opportunities. Presentation topics could cover materials, additive manufacturing, supply chain management or product development, to name a few ideas.

Speaking Affords You the Opportunity to:
  • Gain personal exposure as an expert while showcasing your company's competencies and building its brand
  • Fuel in-bound inquiries by having your name, company and presentation title published in online and onsite promotions
  • Drive quality traffic to your booth
Speaking Considerations:
  • Abstract Submission Deadline is February 3, 2023
  • Companies must be an OMTEC exhibitor at time of submission deadline
  • A non-refundable abstract fee of $295 is due at the time of submission
Presenters Receive:
  • Use of portable PA system (speaker, microphone, lavalier)
  • A 15-minute speaking slot on Wednesday or Thursday (Presentations will take place at your booth.)
  • Exposure in the online and printed education agenda (Abstracts that are not selected will receive a notable mention online.)
  • Onsite promotion by way of signage during morning keynote addresses and a handout distributed at badge pick up.
Presentation FAQ:

Q: What is the abstract review process?

A: Abstracts will be vetted by OMTEC’s Advisory Board on the basis of content, educational value, relevance and overall program balance. Company commercials and blatant marketing speak will be rejected. Incomplete abstracts will not be considered.

Q: When will the results of the selection process be available?

A: Notifications will be sent to all abstract contacts on March 1, 2023. If selected, the time and date of your speaking slot will be included. Abstracts that were not selected will receive a notable mention on

Q: What AV equipment will be provided for presenters?

A: OMTEC will provide a portable speaker, microphone and lavalier. Companies with visual presentations are responsible for providing their own computer and monitor.

Abstract Form:

Composing an abstract takes thought and time. We recommend writing it in a separate document and then pasting it here. To help you get started, we've included writing tips for you below the abstract form.

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How to Write a Clear and Informative Abstract

Writing a clear, concise and engaging abstract increases the likelihood of attendees connecting with your presentation topic. The time and effort put into writing a stellar abstract will also assist you in developing your presentation months from now. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your presentation title and description:

Presentation Title:

  • Keep the title to about 12 words and 70 characters. Research indicates this is the best length for reader retention and engagement
  • Seek to include powerful words
  • Ask yourself, What would make you want to learn more about the presentation?
  • Presentation Description:

  • Stick to the basics of asking what, when and why. Some examples include: Why should orthopedic device professionals care about your topic? What knowledge gap are you closing for them? What solution can you offer? How can they implement it? How does it create opportunities for them?
  • Resist the urge to include marketing speak about your company in the description