OMTEC 2015 Speaker Presentations

Drive Built-in-Quality into your Manufacturing Process

Mr. Mazzeo will also speak on how to hone your leadership skills.

Lean manufacturing focuses on adding value to products and services, identifying and reducing waste and increasing support for staff across the organization. A key component of lean bolsters improved quality with the stated objective of, “Do Not Accept/Build/Ship a Defect.” True gains in quality are ultimately achieved when an organization embraces and works toward a Built-in-Quality culture. This presentation will explain the concept of BIQ and what is needed to achieve it in any organization.

Listen to Joe Mazzeo share the elements of Built-in-Quality and the reasons why OEMs should attend OMTEC.

Session Takeaways
  • Understanding of the basic principles of lean manufacturing
  • Knowledge of how the concept of Built-in-Quality fits
  • Ways to assess a company’s current quality position
  • Description of methods and tools used with BIQ
  • Pathway to begin a BIQ culture, including leadership responsibilities to lead the process
Who Should Attend
  • Buyer/Planner
  • Materials/Commodity Management
  • Product Management
  • Purchasing
  • Quality Control
  • Regulatory/Clinical Affairs
  • Research & Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing

Speaker Bios


Joe Mazzeo is the owner of Integrated Lean and Quality Solutions, providing leadership, lean manufacturing and modern quality management services to a wide variety of industries. Mr. Mazzeo is a retired General Motors executive with 33 years of global experience in manufacturing, quality, product engineering and customer service. He earned his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University and his MBA from Wayne State University. Mr. Mazzeo is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Society for Quality, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association.

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Prepare for this Session

Of the principles of lean manufacturing, says Joe Mazzeo, if you don’t have Built-in-Quality (BIQ), you can’t have a sound manufacturing system.

What is it?

BIQ comprises five elements:

  1. Product quality standards to define what you need to achieve for customers
  2. Product and process validation, using tools like PFMEAs or change control production in a trial run to make sure that products meet requirements
  3. In-process control and verification, assuring that you are doing what you said you’d do with the procedure that you use (whether process control plans, quality checks performed on the plant floor, etc.)
  4. Feedback and feed-forward to operators and leadership to confirm that you’re building product to specs
  5. A Quality Management System, documented, including fast response to issues and problem solving

How can you get it?

Leadership must drive these five goals to support Built-in-Quality:

  1. Set a compelling direction and expectations of the organization through word and action
  2. Engage workforce members in their roles in the successful quality culture
  3. Have a risk-reduction mindset
  4. Encourage strong feedback and open communication to bring issues forward
  5. Be consistent in the face of conflicting factors