Know Your Role in Automating Logistics and Surgical Support Processes


Wednesday, June 16 | 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm


Surgeon Pod



Participant Type:

Product Development, Sourcing/Purchasing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Operations

Healthcare’s focus on efficiency and quality is driving the use of automation, from artificial intelligence to robotics. However, the orthopedic device logistic management process—preoperatively, intraoperatively and postoperatively—remains relatively unchanged. Automating these processes produces tremendous value that stakeholders, including the O.R. staff, sales rep, hospital and surgeon, can share. In his presentation, Dr. Dasa discusses solutions for demand planning, inventory management, case management and purchase order management.

Learning Objectives

  • Stakeholder perspectives on the current processes for orthopedic device management

  • Immediate and substantive opportunities to utilize innovative technologies for quality improvement in the value-based health care paradigm

  • Ripe areas for supply chain improvement, from demand planning through purchase order management


Vinod Dasa, M.D.

Founder and Chief Medical Officer,

SIGHT Medical