Supply Chain 4.0: Take Control to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders


Thursday, June 17 | 10:00 am - 10:45 am


Room 45



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Sourcing/Purchasing, Supply Chain

This presentation reveals the latest trends in what companies need from supply chain management professionals to flourish in Industry 4.0, and what they get through traditional recruitment, retention efforts and internal learning development systems. However, one must understand the significant gaps that exist in today’s delivery of functional supply chain management learning via college education, internal learning development systems, and industry certifications vs. the more needed skills that emphasize deep work and social and emotional learning grounded in modern neuroscience and cognitive behavioral psychology.

We now have significant evidence via data-driven research that the learning systems of yesterday and today are NOT optimal and arguably not effective in transferring true value to any individual, including supply chain management professionals and their companies. As such, we’ll focus on what we can ALL do, both personally and professionally, to narrow the gap, and greatly enhance our supply chain management proficiency and efficacy as the world moves toward Industry 4.0 and its automated and data exchange manufacturing processes.

Learning Objectives

  • Awareness and understanding of the knowledge gap between what one needs vs. what one receives to prepare for Industry 4.0

  • What we can do, personally and organizationally, to close the gap

  • Where to go for assistance in the professional development journey


Ken Jones


Value Chain Solutions