Polymers 101: What You Need to Know for Your Next Implant or Instrument


Wednesday, June 16 | 10:00 am - 10:45 am


Tech Center




Participant Type:

Product Development, Quality/Regulatory

Polymers have unique properties that enable many clinically successful orthopedic implants and cost-effective, single-use instruments. However, they also present unique issues for manufacturers and regulatory agencies. This presentation reviews the types and properties of polymers used for different devices, their advantages and examples of recent research. Issues with processing and testing and the impact of recent changes in regulations will be discussed, as well as efforts to improve international standards to address today’s problems.

Learning Objectives

  • Prevalent polymers used in orthopedic implants and instruments

  • Advantages and disadvantages of polymers on the market

  • Update on international standards as they relate to medical polymers


Jon Moseley, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Applied Research,

Wright Medical