Next-Generation Stainless Steel for Medical Devices


Wednesday, June 15 | 9:50 am - 10:05 am


Booth 405 - Carpenter Technology


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Among the various metallic materials used for orthopedic devices, stainless steel (SS) alloys such as 300 series, 400 series, 17-4PH, C455 and C465 are some of the most widely used for medical implants and surgical tools due to excellent corrosion resistance, biocompatibility and mechanical properties. However, there is a need for next-generation SS alloys to meet the demanding needs of medical devices due to developments in surgical procedures (robotic-assisted and minimally invasive surgeries), production techniques (additive manufacturing, lights-out production) or changing regulatory framework (EU MDR). We will discuss the development of EU MDR compliant SS alloys (low-Cobalt), low-Nickel SS variant of 316L (BioDur 108), low-stress 17-4PH bars, A-21 carburizable SS for surgical instruments and cutting tools, high-strength small diameter SS alloys for robotic and minimally invasive surgeries and SS powder offerings (unique chemistries, processing parameters) for additive manufacturing.

Speaker: Gaurav Lalwani, Ph.D., Applications Engineering and Business Development, Carpenter Technology