Live Demonstration of a 6-axis CNC Tool Grinding Machine for Orthopedic Cutting Tools


Wednesday, June 15 | 9:30 am - 9:45 am


Booth 143 - Rollomatic Inc.


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Product Development, Sourcing/Purchasing, Manufacturing, Operations

Metal cutting knowledge has helped shape the different geometries for drill points and flute shapes that are suitable for drilling into bone. The main goals in engineering medical drills are minimizing the thermal injury to the surrounding bone and reducing the cortical penetration. Orthopedic bone cutting instruments include drills, trocar points, shavers, taps, burs and spherical burs, rasps, perforators and trepanning tools for skull surgeries.

A grinding machine, which has six interpolating axes, offers the highest flexibility. This is exactly what is needed for manufacturing a variety of surgical instruments. In particular, an inclination of the grinding spindle is indispensable for grinding drill points with low point angles (down to 55 degrees) and long instruments. In terms of wheel packs, normally two-wheel packs are sufficient. The 6th axis of the grinding machine is used to flip one of the two-wheel packs into a grinding position within less than two seconds.

Speaker: Eric Schwarzenbach, President, Rollomatic Inc.