Improving Profitability Through Integration & Visibility of Your Supply Chain’s Last Mile


Thursday, June 16 | 9:40 am - 9:55 am


Booth 542 - ImplantBase


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Product Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Operations

Medical device companies invest significant resources to deploy and manage field-based inventory. The costs associated weigh heavily on the financial statements, influencing profitability, balance sheets, working capital and cash flow. Traditional approaches toward managing field-based inventory simply do not scale efficiently, and can create friction across Sales, Supply Chain and Finance organizations.

Leading companies have realized that their path towards profitable growth hinges upon their ability to efficiently optimize field-based inventory, while also providing confidence of supply to their Sales organizations. They also realize that the Sales organization is a key component of their Supply Chain performance.

We will discuss the critical importance of technology-enabled approaches that provide the foundation for efficient scalability and profitable growth by unifying the last mile and providing visibility across the enterprise. Additionally, we’ll discuss the keys to technology adoption.

Speaker: Jeff Grabow, VP of Customer Success, ImplantBase