Important Benefits of an Open 3D Printing Ecosystem


Thursday, June 17 | 11:15 am - 12:00 pm


Surgeon Pod


All Levels

Participant Type:

Product Development, Manufacturing, Quality/Regulatory

The orthopedic industry’s largely closed 3D printing manufacturing ecosystem stifles the growth of the technology, as well as implant and instrument innovation. This viewpoint drove Drs. Alan and Alexis Dang, orthopedic surgeons who lead 3D printing initiatives at the University of California San Francisco and the university’s VA Medical Center, to become founding members of the startup PrinterPrezz. The company collaborates across the supply chain with 3D printing software and hardware companies, as well as orthopedic device manufacturers. In this presentation, they share their views on the future of 3D printing technology and how it will transform orthopedic manufacturing and implants.

Learning Objectives

  • How a 3D printing open ecosystem works

  • Identify what orthopedic technology stands to benefit the most from an open ecosystem

  • Gain an outlook on the future of 3D printing adoption in orthopedics