How to Drive a Culture of Continuous Improvement


Wednesday, June 15 | 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm


Room 45




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How to Drive a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Highly successful leaders and companies exhibit a culture of continuous improvement. What does that look like in practice? This session digs into the specific actions that engaged leaders take to ensure that their organizations fully embrace continuous improvement. Leaders and future leaders will examine why being clear on The Four Obsessions (Patrick Lencioni) provides a template to build a culture of execution. Participants will get hands-on experience of a working model of a strategic plan that leads to execution. They will look at the importance of embedding continuous improvement into their organizations' Core Values (beyond just in their vision and mission statements). They will explore how to review their day-to-day operational tools (e.g., meeting agendas, meeting rhythms, meeting alignment to organizational goals, employee recognition, performance improvement, etc.) to ensure that they require the organization to focus on getting better every single day.

Learning Objectives

  • Receive clarity of the fundamental disciplines and practices of successful leaders

  • Learn a simple path to ensure that short-term strategies align with long-term goals

  • Receive simple tools to ensure that resources are focused on the right objectives

  • Learn easy to use methods to ensure that daily and weekly actions are achieving desired long-term goals


Mark Freier

Executive Coach,

WhatIf Enterprises