Expand Your Material Toolbox: Alloys and Processes to Improve Orthopedic Implants


Thursday, June 17 | 11:15 am - 12:00 pm


Tech Center



Participant Type:

Product Development, Manufacturing, Quality/Regulatory

Materials are the foundation of any orthopedic device, and yet, wrought products employed today remain largely unchanged over the last decades. To combat this stagnation, research is underway to improve orthopedic care through both alloy and process development. Equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) promises to offer improved strength and fatigue life in proven materials like CP Ti Gr 4. New beta titanium alloys have shown Nitinol-like superelasticity, without containing nickel. Absorbable metals like magnesium promise a future where trauma, CMF and foot and ankle hardware does its job and then fades harmlessly away. This presentation will introduce these alloys and processes, providing a status update on commercial readiness, the advantages compared to what’s on the market and primary applications.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover new research on alloys and process developments

  • Learn leading capabilities and applications for superelastic and absorbable materials

  • Identify ways to adopt new materials in your next implant


Adam Griebel

Senior R&D Engineer,

Fort Wayne Metals