Executive Insight: State and Future of the Orthopedic Industry


Wednesday, June 15 | 7:30 am - 9:00 am


Room 51


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Despite uncertainty remaining in the overall market, orthopedic companies continue to make bold strategic moves through their product portfolios and industry partnerships. The highly-rated executive keynote panel returns to OMTEC to hear how companies across orthopedics are balancing the day's issues while positioning themselves as leaders in the market.

Curt Hartman (CONMED), Brady Shirley (Enovis), Rebecca Whitney (ZimVie) and Eric Major (formerly K2M and Stryker) will share their thoughts on a range of topics, including market recovery, supply chain obstacles, technology trends, ASC strategies and the future orthopedic landscape. These executives speak at OMTEC during an evolutionary period for their companies. ZimVie was spun off from Zimmer Biomet, becoming a standalone spine and dental business. Enovis has been on an acquisition spree in its efforts to build a $1 billion joint replacement company. CONMED recently expanded into the foot and ankle market.

Attend the 2022 keynote and receive valuable insight from the answers to these questions:

  • Market Update: What are they seeing today regarding COVID, procedure backlogs, the economy and the overall market recovery?

  • Supply Chain: How are they partnering with contract manufacturers to assuage immediate pricing and supply chain pressures? Looking long term, how are they thinking about the global supply chain, including manufacturing sites, sources, etc.?

  • Technology: What role will digital and enabling technology, materials and additive manufacturing play in the future of orthopedics?

  • ASCs: How are they adapting their product portfolios to meet the needs of ASCs? How quickly are they seeing procedures move to this setting?

  • Future of Orthopedics: What excites them most about the future of orthopedics? What lasting marks will COVID have on the industry?

    Breakfast buffet opens at 7:30 a.m. Keynote begins at 8 a.m.

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Matt O'Brien

Senior Research Analyst and Managing Director,

Piper Sandler


Curt Hartman

President and CEO,


Brady Shirley

President and COO,

Enovis (formerly DJO)

Rebecca Whitney

Senior Vice President and President, Global Spine,


Eric Major

Entrepreneur and Advisor,

Major Advisory Group