How Can Personalized, Patient-Specific Implants Become the Norm?


Wednesday, June 15 | 10:30 am - 11:15 am


Tech Center


All Levels

Participant Type:

Product Development, Manufacturing, Operations, Quality/Regulatory

Patient-specific implants and greater personalization of procedures hold exciting promise for the advancement of orthopedics. It’s generally believed that the better an implant fits a patient’s anatomy, the greater the chance for a successful outcome. This session brings together device company, software and hospital perspectives to discuss personalized implants’ role in the future of complex and routine orthopedic surgeries.

Panelists will give 7-minute presentations on their use of patient-specific implants, and the challenges and opportunities in their work. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A where the panel will discuss: What changes need to occur at the design, manufacturing and supply chain levels to scale these implants? Where is the most significant market opportunity for these implants? Will personalized implants become mainstream, and what market forces must they overcome to achieve prominence? How will AI and data-driven technologies change the game?

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the benefits that custom implants afford orthopedic patients

  • Understand the primary challenges and opportunities that the custom implant market faces

  • Receive an outlook on the adoption of custom implants in orthopedics


Peter Verrillo

Founder and CEO,



Joseph Lipman

Director of Device Development,


John Slamin

Chief Technology Officer,


Benjamin Johnson

Vice President of Portfolio & Regulatory,

3D Systems