Beers, Burgers and Biomechanics


Thursday, June 16 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


Exhibit Hall Cafe


All Levels

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PrecisionOS and Trilion Quality Systems bring their exciting technologies to OMTEC for this engaging conference finale. Their interactive biomechanics-themed activities will be positioned in the corners of the Exhibit Hall Café and will complement a lunch of beers and burgers.

---PrecisionOS---Perform VR Surgery and Expand Your Knowledge of the Technology
Orthopedic companies use a mixture of methods to train surgeons on new devices, making it an expensive task and difficult to scale. Virtual reality (VR) learning has gained traction to confidently scale the training of surgeons and device company professionals on the latest devices, instruments and procedures. During this demonstration, you will have the opportunity to step into a virtual operating room and perform orthopedic surgeries.

VR is quickly becoming one technology in the orthopedic landscape to scale surgical training and preoperatively plan procedures. See and learn why.

Speaker: Jon Bracken, Vice President of Product and Partnerships, PrecisionOS

---Trilion Quality Systems---Interact with Measurement Tools to See How New Tools Collect Biomechanics Data

Given the critical importance of biomechanical research, the measurement tool utilized needs to be carefully considered and optimized when designing a biomechanical study. This interactive experience pairs a spinal column with ARAMIS optical strain sensors to demonstrate how state-of-the-art technology can be utilized for biomechanical data collection.

You will have the ability to manipulate a replica of a spinal column and see how ARAMIS measures full-field 3D coordinate points anywhere the sensor can “see” to empower researchers in their model validation. Previous studies conducted with the technology will also be available for review.

Speaker: Justin Bucienski, Technical Account Manager, Trilion Quality Systems