4 Hospital and Surgeon Trends and What They Mean to You


Tuesday, June 14 | 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm


Room 45


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4 Hospital and Surgeon Trends and What they Mean to You

The combination of changes in reimbursement, physician employment and the ever-present drive to improve quality while reducing cost has resulted in an inflection point in the healthcare industry that has prompted device manufacturers and their hospital and surgeon customers to navigate uncharted waters. This session highlights some of the significant shifts at the hospital level to give orthopedic device company professionals greater insight into your customers as you develop and commercialize new technologies.

Among the topics to be discussed are: 1. The shift in procedures to the outpatient and ASC setting. 2. The scale of hospital purchasing departments due to the growth of IDNs and M&A activity. 3. The emergence of physician data and its impact on implant and technology purchasing 4. The change from transactional implant sale to strategic account management.

This session will provide a valuable, high-level look at the decisions hospitals and surgeons face daily. No matter what role you play within your company, you'll leave armed with valuable insight into your customer base.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain high-level understanding of the major changes taking place at the hospital level

  • Learn how shifts in surgery setting and hospital purchasing could affect future orthopedic technology

  • Receive insight into surgeon challenges and opportunities outside of the O.R.


Patrick Vega

Consulting Director,