OMTEC 2015 Speaker Presentations

Additive Manufacturing Rapid-Fire

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Orthopaedic device manufacturers continue to explore the use of additive manufacturing (AM) to produce complex designs and offset costs associated with manufacturing certain components. This rapid-fire session will bring together four of the larger players in AM to show the current and future state of its use in orthopaedics.

This session includes three 20-minute presentations followed by a 30-minute audience Q&A, moderated by Colleen Wivell, Biomedical Engineering Manager (North America) for Materialise.


3D Systems

Ruben Wauthle, Ph.D., Senior Project Manager

Dr. Wauthle presents research that demonstrates how selective laser melting can be successfully used to manufacture porous tantalum implants with interesting mechanical properties and promising in vivo performance. Since porous pure titanium implants show mechanical behavior similar to tantalum, this could potentially revive the use of pure titanium for dynamically loaded porous implants.

Dr. Wauthle started his career at LayerWise in 2010 after graduating as a mechanical engineer from Leuven University in Belgium. During that time, he had diverse roles ranging from account management to R&D. Dr. Wauthle recently finished his Ph.D. thesis, entitled “Industrialization of Selective Laser Melting for the Production of Porous Titanium and Tantalum Implants.” Since 3D Systems' acquisition of LayerWise, Dr. Wauthle has served as 3D Printing Business Development Manager, Healthcare and Engineering Team Lead, LayerWise Healthcare.



Tuan TranPham, Sales Director, North America

Mr. TranPham provides best practices for reliable, productive and repeatable production of titanium acetabular cup/stem implants through the process of electron beam melting. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the process and learn how to best get started as they prepare specification lists.

Tuan TranPham is a 3D printing evangelist who has spent the last ten years working for five different 3D printing companies: Z Corporation, 3D Systems, Objet, Stratasys and currently with ARCAM. With this extensive background in the industry, Mr. TranPham has a unique perspective and insight on 3D printing players, applications, challenges, opportunities, technologies and trends. His educational background is a Dual B.Sc./B.A. in Business Engineering (“Export Engineering”) from the Danish Technical University (DTU, Denmark).



Everlee DeWall, Area Sales Manager - Central Region

Every person is unique; therefore, optimal patient care in orthopaedics and implantology requires medical products providing a perfect fit. One-off components and those produced in small production runs with stringent quality requirements must be made quickly and cost-effectively. Additive Manufacturing is meeting these exact requirements while paving the way for improved, patient-specific medical care. Unlike conventional manufacturing methods, AM allows maximum design flexibility, enabling the implementation of innovative functions. Thus test series, prototypes, patient-specific one-off parts and small production runs can be manufactured at a profit.

Everlee DeWall leads EOS of North America’s market growth in the U.S. for the Midwest region. With a strong knowledge of both Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing processes, Mr. DeWall has been responsible for creating unique process chains for OEMs as well as contract manufacturers in a variety of industries. His 25 years of experience as a business owner, application engineer, machinist and machine shop manager allow him to offer observations from various vantage points in the manufacturing process. Mr. DeWall holds a degree in Engineering Design Technology.



Colleen Wivell, Biomedical Engineering Manager (North America)

Ms. Wivell served as managing director for Materialise USA for ten years and grew the North American office from a staff of seven to a sales, engineering and production facility of nearly 50 people. She has a Bachelor's in mechanical engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering from Carnegie Mellon. She is a longstanding member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and has served as a chairperson on the SME-RTAM Steering committee since 2011.

Who Should Attend?
  • Materials/Commodity Management
  • Product Management
  • Quality Control
  • Research & Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing

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