OMTEC Customer Testimonials

Attendees say:

I like that the core of the OMTEC meeting is bringing vendors together with the manufacturers.

Ryan Belaney
Vice President | Clinical & Regulatory Affairs
Active Implants

At OMTEC, I gained knowledge of the capabilities of various suppliers—I can put that to immediate use.

David Anderson
Formerly Commercial Affairs
AMB Surgical

Good organization—[OMTEC] ran like clockwork. The Final Program was very helpful and the communication by email prior to the show was excellent. It’s invaluable for small or medium OEMs to help find partners in the medical industry. I gained an improved understanding of some of the available suppliers in the industry that I can consider for the future.

Robert McMillan
Former Director of Operations
Intellijoint Surgical

I’ve attended more than one OMTEC event. The quality of the meeting keeps me coming back. I talked to several vendors who are thinking of stopping their participation in other meetings, because they feel they get more bang for their buck here.

Nicholas Missos
Former Project Manager - Special Projects

OMTEC is the best place to find so many ortho suppliers in one location. The education opportunities are always on par with industry trends. Dr. Froimson (keynote address) did a phenomenal job of connecting with the suppliers and OEMs alike and helping all to understand how to best create value.

Desta Werner
Senior Manager | Materials Management

It is good to have all suppliers in one location for networking and business opportunities. This keeps me coming back to OMTEC.

Tesa James
Total Joint Orthopedics

I want to thank the ORTHOWORLD team for preparing and running the most fulfilling and educational orthopaedic conference that I have ever attended. I learned a lot about the industry, made numerous connections with industry leaders and left with renewed passion for this industry and work.

Asher Breverman
Area Sales Director
Medacta USA

Due to our fast growth, we are seeking new suppliers. OMTEC provides a nice venue for this collaboration.

Frank Bono
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Paragon 28

I always enjoy [OMTEC]. Great location, great staff, highly professional.

Rick Madar
Senior Procurement Manager
Spine Wave

I felt that 75% of the educational settings were truly a value add. I am fairly new to the medical device industry, and the information I learned was invaluable. Heath Rushing had an amazing delivery with a topic which would be difficult for a layperson like me.

All of the staff were very helpful and engaging. When I was lost or looked slightly misplaced, they readily assisted. I believe it was a great experience.

Stephanie Lowery
Former Strategic Sourcing Agent
Wright Medical

OMTEC 2018 was an excellent meeting! Very informative! Nice layout of exhibits.

Andrew Miclot
Former Vice Chairman & President
WishBone Medical

Great opportunity to meet and engage with key suppliers in one place.

Steven Heaston
Sourcing Director - Global Machining Commodity, New Product Introduction and Supplier Op Excellence
Zimmer Biomet

I thoroughly enjoyed this conference and the tech sessions on additive manufacturing. I look forward to OMTEC 2019!

Yara Hosein
Director of Operations
Additive Design in Surgical Solutions Centre

[OMTEC is] a place that brings our industry together and a great opportunity to schedule meetings with multiple customers and several people from our companies. I enjoy learning about the various trends and predictions.

Brian Emerick
Chief Executive Officer

I attend three meetings each year: OMTEC, NASS and AAOS. OMTEC is the most-well-run of them all.

Frank Occidentale
Owner & Engineer
Medilogic Group

OMTEC is an excellent opportunity for us to meet and network with new suppliers along with most of our current suppliers at one location. This is huge for us at DJO Global.

Bridgette Hinojosa
Senior Buyer/Planner | New Product Introduction
DJO Global

I plan to attend for a long time, and will bring even more of our team.

Scott Shankle
Vice President Operations
MicroPort Orthopedics, OMTEC Advisory Board Member

I keep coming back to OMTEC because it’s the perfect place to network with all my suppliers whom I don’t get to see face-to-face in the normal course of business.

Rick Madar
Senior Procurement Manager
Spine Wave

Each year that I attend OMTEC, I recommit to leveraging OMTEC as a team building event between Quality, Ops, Regulatory and Product Development. OMTEC is an incredible environment for these teams to interact outside of the office.

Michael Esch
Business Unit Leader | Knees, East Zone
Zimmer Biomet

I’m new to my role for Zimmer Biomet. The opportunity to meet supplier leadership at this conference was priceless.

Steven Heaston
Sourcing Director - Global Machining Commodity, New Product Introduction and Supplier Op Excellence
Zimmer Biomet

I could not be happier with our first experience at OMTEC! To do it over again I would have brought four people instead of two. This is what I will be doing next year. Thank you for bringing real value in what you do.

Bryan Cowan
Acuity Surgical Devices

[The keynote offered] Good perspective from the hospital side. Makes me consider the types of devices that we are developing and what their impact and acceptance will be in the changing healthcare climate.

Matthew Cremens
Product Development Engineer
Bonutti Technologies

This [Keynote Address from Wael K. Barsoum on Balancing Development and Value in Medical Device Advancements] was worth the price of admission.

Andrew Rubino
Former Senior Manager | Supplier Engineering, Global Procurement Technical Operations
DePuy Synthes

Best thing [at OMTEC] was working with multiple suppliers on a project at a key point, all in one place.

Andy Anderson
Senior Sourcing Engineer

[Dr. Barsoum’s Keynote] was a great and balanced presentation regarding the value proposition for hospitals in regard to cost and quality of the products and services offered. It was good that this was presented by someone with authority and experience on the subject.

Justin Hertzler
Principal Research Engineer | Biomechanics
Zimmer Biomet

Suppliers did an excellent job of explaining drivers for their globalization with diverse country experience.

Howard Levy
Vice President Global Sourcing | Instruments & Trauma, Zimmer Biomet
OMTEC Advisory Board Member

The keynote lunch with Dr. Bray was a very good presentation – well-thought-out and enlightening.

David Mrak
Director of Product Development

As this is my first OMTEC conference I would say you had a good mix of agenda items.

Mary Gray
Associate Director Policy Implementation
DePuy Synthes

I enjoyed the “10 Ailments of Outsourcing” discussion and plan to use it in a future meeting.

Lance Provance
Senior Manager | Supply Chain, Arthrex
OMTEC Advisory Board Member

I found an innovative technology that I plan to incorporate into future designs.

Kelly Schlachter
Program Director | PMO

OMTEC is great; I’ve attended every one since inception. Great job!

David Waterson
Global Commodity Manager | Advanced Process Technology
Zimmer Biomet

I was impressed with OMTEC’s educational presentations and benefited from the opportunity to meet new potential suppliers.

Itai Nemovicher
President & CEO
The Orthopaedic Implant Company

OMTEC is a great resource for discovering potential suppliers, meeting with existing suppliers and keeping up with technology advancements.

Mark Hall
Global Commodity Leader | Implants
Smith & Nephew, OMTEC Advisory Board Member

Many of the suppliers I work with were attending and had booths. In addition, I had heard positive feedback about the conference from other engineers at my company who have attended in the past, and had to experience OMTEC for myself.

Catherine Ross
Director | Advanced Operations

Exhibitors say:

The emphasis on quality and professionalism stands out in everything you produce.

Erin House
Marketing and Communications Manager, Orchid Orthopedic Solutions

The networking events are unique to OMTEC. They were very helpful for our sales team to communicate with customers and generate leads.

Amanda Thayer
Sales Operations Manager
Avalign Technologies

OMTEC is a great way to meet up with your existing customers, and meet new potential customers. The targeted audience makes it very worthwhile.

Marilyn Berry
Medical Device Sales
Donson Machine

Great job at OMTEC by all involved. Your efforts to encourage more participation at both the Exhibitor and OEM Attendee levels are paying off. We now consider this our main trade show.

Stephen R. Smith
Director of Marketing
Banner Industries

Yes, I would definitely recommend OMTEC to a friend in the orthopaedic business!

David Cabral
Five Star Companies

The OMTEC/ORTHOWORLD team has been great for many years, and I appreciate the support I have been given in previous positions along the way.

Peter Randall
North Grove Enterprise

There was no request that went unanswered. Phenomenal team! You set the highest standard in quality for all other events.

Allen Younger
Sales and Product Specialist | Additive Manufacturing
Oerlikon AM

Love all of the activities that are planned that keep the attendees engaged and at the show hall. It’s a unique show that it is set up so that attendees really don’t have to leave unless they want to.

Tabitha Cooper
Senior Manager | Demand Planning
Paragon Medical

In my opinion, the ORTHOWORLD people are the face of this show. Their efficiency and professionalism coupled with their knowledge and can-do attitudes are a breath of fresh air. I look forward to the next well-run exhibition.

Robert McCurry
Former Vice President Operations
Carolina Precision Technologies

OMTEC continues to gain momentum; congratulations! Thank you for organizing and hosting this event. It’s truly an important event within our industry. We look forward to participating in future OMTEC meetings.

Rob Sullivan
Senior Director of Marketing, Tecomet
OMTEC Exhibitor Advisory Committee Member

Seems like the exhibition is heading in the right direction more and more each year. It’s becoming a top notch, must-attend meeting for those companies in orthopedics!

Michael Kell
Business Development Manager | Life Sciences
Total Plastics

The intimate venue is a real plus: the size is so manageable for both attendees and exhibitors.

Nancy Shepard
Area Sales Manager
Avalign Technologies

I return to OMTEC because of the quality of exhibitors and attendees. Everyone who is anyone in ortho attends OMTEC.

David L. Smith
Former Vice President Business Development
Boston Centerless

All the right people from OEM companies: both current customers and prospects.

Bill Busby
Director Sales & Information Technology
Donson Machine

OMTEC has grown to become the major conference and expo for orthopaedics at the contract manufacturer/materials supplier level.

Stephen R. Smith
Director of Marketing
Banner Industries

OMTEC 2017 was a record year for leads. We had two major companies look up our booth and demand our services. That doesn’t happen every day!

Don Peterson
Medical Sales Manager
Allied Technologies International

OMTEC delivers strong attendance and good opportunities to get in front of current and potential new customers. Together, we’re advancing our businesses and the specialty of orthopaedics.

Jodie Gilmore
President | Orthopedics
Elos Medtech, OMTEC Exhibitor Advisory Committee Member

The attendees are spot on: a good mix of product development and procurement.

Tabitha Cooper
Senior Manager | Demand Planning
Paragon Medical

We’ve found that sponsoring the OMTEC welcome reception is the best use of our marketing dollars that we have, all year.

Cory Colman
Former Senior Vice President
Paragon Medical

I keep coming back to OMTEC for the quality of attendees and other exhibitors, no solicitors. It’s very well organized, with a high level of professionalism.

Kelly Cimillo
Senior Account Executive

Best conference for our company, annually. We exhibit at four or five orthopaedic events, and OMTEC is the most enjoyable and productive one. Well-organized, outstanding venue and professional, courteous ORTHOWORLD staff.

Larry Black
Sales Manager

It is always a pleasure to work with the team from ORTHOWORLD.

Erin House
Marketing and Communications Manager
Orchid Orthopedic Solutions

Good meetings with visitors to the booth; excellent inquiries and future project opportunities were secured.

Brian Reece
CEO & Managing Director
Sheffield Precision Medical

The best show in the orthopaedic world, focusing on putting OEM contacts together with contract manufacturers.

Casey Tuller
Vice President | New Product Development
AMT Medical

OMTEC is the best there is for contract medical manufacturing and it has been very strategic for Advantage Manufacturing Technology.

David Parsons
Former President
AMT Medical

We have been an exhibitor at OMTEC for several years. Certainly we could see a lot higher volume of people at other exhibitions, but the quality of the clientele at OMTEC is excellent, providing us with a solid return on our marketing investment. We are definitely a return player in this meeting.

Tom O’Mara
Executive Vice President
Autocam Medical

We continue to have successful meetings every year at OMTEC with our current customer base and are able to interact with potential future customers.

Tim Turner
Site Manager
Elos Medtech

We were able to meet key decision makers and consider them as good leads to help our business grow.

Rob Schweitzer
Former Technical Sales Engineer/Process Engineer | Medical and Aerospace
ARCH Medical and Aerospace

Professionally done, great topic sessions and overall great conference.

Mary Downes
Sales and Marketing
Titanium Industries

OMTEC is operated better than any other exhibition. It is easy to exhibit and is a good value for the investment of time and resources.

Joe Saad
Contract Consultant | Senior Advisor | Technical Sales
Acme Manufacturing

OMTEC is a well-thought-out show. I personally heard several comments regarding how it felt high-class.

Tony DeHart
Former Director of Sales and Marketing
Micro Machine

Since OMTEC is focused solely on orthopedics, the show is smaller and more intimate, and every attendee is practically a pre-qualified lead, which we like. The show is always classy and executed with perfection, the guest speakers excellent and the food terrific. We plan to exhibit at OMTEC indefinitely.

Barry Sobole
Inside Technical Sales
Norman Noble

OMTEC is a great opportunity to have business development meetings with existing customers and meet a few new customers. This is why we continue to exhibit.

Jodie Gilmore
President | Orthopedics
Elos Medtech, OMTEC Exhibitor Advisory Committee Member

This is currently the only trade show we participate in each year. It generates the right audience and good solid leads for our business.

Tim Turner
Site Manager
Elos Medtech

The show was a good value for us and we feel that it will generate the return expected.

Erik VanOver
Territory Manager
Total Plastics

OMTEC is a valuable way for us to make contact with the decision-makers at orthopedic OEMs and contract manufacturers. The quality of the attendees is of key importance and continues to rank high among the medical shows that we exhibit at. Thanks for putting on a good show!

Hank Ecker
Former President of Strausak Subsidiary