About Us

OMTEC is the world’s only conference exclusively serving the orthopedic manufacturing community.


OMTEC is recognized internationally as an essential, “must-attend” event for the orthopedic manufacturing community. A loyal contingent of product development, procurement, supply chain, operations, R&D, and C-level attendees as well as business development, regulatory, and QA professionals trust OMTEC to provide access to the people and expertise required to keep their product development initiatives moving forward.

Solution-driven education, complemented by a robust and diverse group of orthopedic suppliers allow new partnerships to blossom while providing crucial airtime for business-critical topics.

Our Mission: To educate, connect, and empower the people who build orthopedic products.

No matter your station in the orthopedic commercialization chain — engineer, executive, buyer, surgeon, investor, inventor, manufacturer — OMTEC is your resource.



The folks at ORTHOWORLD created OMTEC shortly after BONEZONE Magazine was created, and in direct response to “Voice of Customer” from its Member base of orthopedic company executives. Specifically, orthopedic engineers and executives needed a place to meet and talk with the suppliers who were advertising in BONEZONE and the Supplier Directory. They needed to network and learn and identify solutions to product development problems. They needed to glimpse the future of orthopedic technologies and to glean insights from CEOs and surgeons at the forefront of innovation. Today, ORTHOWORLD continues to evolve OMTEC and its other offerings by listening and responding to the people who build orthopedic products. Learn more at BONEZONEpub.com and ORTHOWORLD.com.