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Tecomet Solutions

by: Tecomet

 As a leading global supplier of instruments, implants and cases, Tecomet, Inc. understands the importance of getting your product to market on time and on budget. This is Total Solutions. And it's only from Tecomet.Jerry Brown, Vice President of Global Supply Chain, X-spine Systems, explains the growing interest in inventory visibility technology and which solutions his company is exploring.


OMTEC 2016: Technology to Improve Inventory Visibility


 Jerry Brown, Vice President of Global Supply Chain, X-spine Systems, explains the growing interest in inventory visibility technology and which solutions his company is exploring.

OrthoNow: OMTEC 2016 & the Shift in Healthcare Delivery

by: OrthoNow

OrthoNOW® is a network of specialized urgent care centers focused on treating the full range of orthopedic and sports medicine injuries on a walk-in basis.

Norman Noble Orthopaedic Machining
by: Norman Noble


Norman Noble, Inc. utilizes technologically advanced machining and finishing capabilities for the manufacturing of orthopaedic implants and devices.

Emerging Trends in Orthopaedic Device Packaging

The critical role of packaging in orthopaedics will be covered in-depth at OMTEC 2015.
Lessons from FDA Recalls: Design and Develop the Best Package for Your Device

Laura Bix, Associate Professor, School of Packaging, Michigan State University, discusses
current and emerging trends in orthopaedic device packaging at OMTEC 2014.


Price Pressures Impact Innovation
Michael Butler, Dirk Kuyper and Mike Matson

Regulations continue to restrict innovation in the U.S. and Europe.

Sponsored by: Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
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Will Generics and PODs Experience Longevity in Orthopaedics? 
Michael Butler, Dirk Kuyper and Mike Matson


Robotics and Orthobiologics at Forefront of Significant New Technologies
Michael Butler, Dirk Kuyper and Mike Matson

Panelists provide context on how they’ve competed against and worked with alternative delivery models.

  Speed of surgery and recovery driving new product development.

Sponsored by: Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
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  Sponsored by: Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
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Supplier Relationships: Factors to Consider When Outsourcing and Selecting Partners
Michael Butler, Dirk Kuyper and Mike Matson


Orthopaedic Industry Expansion
in Global Markets

Michael Butler, Dirk Kuyper and Mike Matson


Orthopaedic device companies should weigh these factors to find the right partners. 
Industry leaders provide trends, advantages and disadvantages when expanding in emerging and developed markets.
Sponsored by: Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
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  Sponsored by: Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
Orchid Logo_149x50

OMTEC 2014 Keynote Address 
The Past, Present and Future of the Implant Market:

A Surgeon Inventor Perspective

Robert S. Bray, Jr., M.D.
CEO and Founding Director, DISC Sports and Spine
Co-Founder and Inventor, RSB Spine 

What does the future hold for the orthopaedic implant market? Dr. Robert S. Bray, Jr.,
a globally recognized spine surgeon, entrepreneur and inventor, provides a look
at the industry past and present and answers the question: How will the development
and sales of orthopaedic implants change in the future?
Download Dr. Bray's corresponding presentation here .

Generic Orthopaedic Implants

Blair Rhode, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon
Rhode Orthopedic Group 
Industry's Greatest Challenges in 2013

Mike Miller, CEO, Orchid Orthopedic
From OMTEC 2013 - Blair Rhode, M.D., discusses
the current state and future
 of generic implants
in the orthopaedic
  From OMTEC 2013 - Mike Miller discusses the
industry's greatest challenges, price pressures,
and the medical device excise tax. 

Exhibit at OMTEC 2014!


Highlights from the OMTEC® exhibit floor, educational sessions and a variety of networking receptions.

Orthopaedics and the Vampire Economy (Keynote Address from OMTEC 2012 in Chicago, IL)
By Dr. Lee Hieb

Individuals and private corporations, not the government, make the world better. When you're catching flak, it just means you're over the target.


The State of American Medicine

If universal healthcare is so great, why are
foreign premiers sneaking into the U.S. for care?

Big Government's Argument for
Government-run Medicine

Big government seeks to increase access to healthcare, increase quality, decrease costs. How does the
government do the opposite of this in every sense?

An Environment of Oppressive
Taxation and Overregulation

Taxation and overregulation are sucking the blood
out of the American economy - and out of us.

What are the Symptoms of America's
Disease of Decline?

General symptoms include under- and unemployment, escalating prices, diminishing middle class.

What are the Economic Signs of America's Disease of Decline?

Economic Signs: Criminalization of violators,
spending and borrowing, syndicalism, autarky...

What is the Diagnosis? How do we Survive?

Filtering these signs and symptoms through
the experts, F.A. Hayek, William Welk, and
Thomas DiLorenzo, PH.D.

What is the Outcome?

What was the outcome of these economic realities?

Conclusions: The Tipping Point

Stay lean, mean and able to turn on a dime.
Consider the solution of the 3 Cs: Cash,
catastrophic insurance and local charity.

To learn more:

Dr. Hieb's blog - Prognosis: Poor - 

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons  Twitter:   @AAPSOnline  



The State and Future of the Orthopaedic Industry: A High Altitude View (Opening Panel Discussion from OMTEC 2012 in Chicago, IL)

Moderator: David Floyd, OrthoWorx
Panelists: Bill Plovanic, Canaccord Genuity; Bill Kolter, Biomet Orthopedics; Brian Moore, A Day With A CEO

In response to unresolved challenges facing the orthopaedic industry, the 2012 OMTEC Opening Panel Discussion sought to extract actionable advice and insight from respected industry leaders on how to translate today's issues into relatable language, then prepare to act.

Part 1: Market Growth Rates in Orthopaedics

  • Where do you see the orthopaedic market going from here?
  • Is orthopaedics still a growth story?
  • Is the early intervention space an expanding market? 

   Part 2: Medical Device Excise Tax

  • Why is the Medical Device Excise Tax bad for the orthopaedic industry?
  • Are the orthopaedic device companies overreacting to the Excise Tax?
  • How will the Medical Device Excise Tax affect smaller companies? 

Part 3: Trends in Innovation and R&D Investment

  • What are the trends in R&D investment with orthopaedic companies?
  • Are today's hip and knee replacements good enough?


    Part 4: Supply Chain Development in Orthopaedics

  • What are the key overall trends for orthopaedic suppliers?
  • Does the volume of inventory that OEM's keep on hand have a direct impact on the supply base?
  • Do offshore manufacturing facilities affect OEM make vs. buy decisions?
  • Does the investment community pay attention tothe supply segment of orthopaedics?
  • Is there a future for small suppliers in orthopaedics? 

Part 5: FDA - The Fly in the Ointment

  • Is the FDA in the "denial" business?
  • Is the FDA just in an "anti-industry" phase, or will this trend become the new status quo?
  • What is the impact of regulatory compliance policy on the supply chain? 

Part 6: The Orthopaedic Industry in Five Years

Imagine we are attending OMTEC 2017 - what one
thing in the orthopaedic industry will be most
fundamentally changed? 

To learn more:

David Floyd, Chief Executive Officer, OrthoWorx

Bill Plovanic, Manging Director - Medical Devices Analyst, Canaccord Genuity 
Bill Kolter, Corporate Vice President of Government Affairs and Corporate Communication, Biomet Orthopedics 
Brian Moore, Former Chief Executive Officer, Symmetry Medical, Inc. and current CEO of A Day With A CEO