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Over the years, OMTEC attendees and exhibitors have shared with us their post-conference feedback. It has been our distinct pleasure to be of service to these folks, many of whom have moved into newer and perhaps more challenging roles. So, don’t take it from us – read the voices of your peers, customers and competitors to decide if OMTEC is a match for you. 

Attendees say:

"I could not be happier with our first experience at OMTEC! To do it over again I would have brought four people instead of two. This is what I will be doing next year. Thank you for bringing real value in what you do."
—Bryan Cowan, President, Acuity Surgical

"Best thing [at OMTEC] was working with multiple suppliers on a project at a key point, all in one place."
—Andy Anderson, Procurement Director, K2M

"This [Keynote Address from Wael K. Barsoum on Balancing Development and Value in Medical Device Advancements] was worth the price of admission."
—Andrew Rubino, Senior Manager Supplier Engineering, DePuy Synthes

"Suppliers did an excellent job of explaining drivers for their globalization with diverse country experience."
—Howard Levy, Chief Procurement Officer Worldwide Operations, Zimmer Biomet

"The keynote lunch with Dr. Bray was a very good presentation – well-thought-out and enlightening."
—David Mrak, Director Product Development, BioPro

"Educational sessions were very helpful for UDI. The opportunity to build strong relationships with the manufacturers is priceless."
—Rachelle Yusufbekov, Associate Quality Engineer, Captiva Spine

"OMTEC improves each year. All of the pertinent subjects are covered well, and in many interesting venues."
—Larry Rains, Procurement Specialists II, MicroPort Orthopedics

"This was the best show yet! The hall layout was great and I had plenty of time to accomplish all of my objectives. The educational sessions were all A+."
—David Finch, former Senior Director Procurement & Planning, Wright Medical 

“OMTEC is great; I've attended every one since inception. Great job!”
—David Waterson, Planning & Procurement Manager, Zimmer Biomet

"I found an innovative technology that I plan to incorporate into future designs."
Kelly Schlachter, Program Manager, Biologics, Medtronic Spinal & Biologics

“The timing is excellent, the supplier base is diverse and the location is easy to navigate.”
—Scott Kienitz, Director Supply Chain, Tornier

"I enjoyed the '10 Ailments of Outsourcing' discussion and plan to use it in a future meeting."
—Lance Provance, Supply Chain Manager, Arthrex 

"We're already benefiting from suppliers I met at OMTEC.  Most are already being connected with other teams in our facility.  Home run, OMTEC. I'll be back again."
—Louis Dertouzos, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Arthrex Manufacturing

"OMTEC provides the convenience and opportunity to meet with my current supply base without having the interruption of the phone ringing or people knocking on my door.  I also like to listen to the current marketplace trends from the seminars that are offered."
—Jeremy Townsend, former Senior Manager, Strategic Sourcing, Wright Medical

“Many of the suppliers I work with were attending and had booths. In addition, I had heard positive feedback about the conference from other engineers at my company who have attended in the past, and had to experience OMTEC for myself.”
—Catherine Ross, Senior Development Engineer, K2M

"OMTEC gives me the opportunity to learn about new technologies and supplier capabilities to help me fulfill my job responsibilities as a development engineer.  In addition, I am able to gather valuable and insightful information from the seminars that are available."
—Justin Conway, Hip Development Engineer II, Smith & Nephew

“OMTEC provides me the opportunity to stay up with the industry, see potential suppliers and learn about new ideas."
—Brian Emerick, Chairman of the Board, Nanovis 

“My company made it a priority to meet with our suppliers and have Supply Chain meetings while in attendance at OMTEC. In meeting with a new supplier, I found a product for which I had been searching; we are evaluating it now.”
—Barry Hecker, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Tornier

“This was the first time that I attended OMTEC and it will not be the last.  It was an excellent effort by everyone.  Good job!”
—Mac McLaughlin, Product Manager, Arthrex Manufacturing

“I was impressed with OMTEC's educational presentations and benefited from the opportunity to meet new potential suppliers.”
—Itai Nemovicher, President & CEO, The Orthopaedic Implant Company

"OMTEC is a great resource for discovering potential suppliers, meeting with existing suppliers and keeping up with technology advancements."
—Mark Hall, Global Commodity Leader, Advanced Surgical Devices, Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics

Exhibitors say:

"Good meetings with visitors to the booth; excellent inquiries and future project opportunities were secured."
—Brian Reece, CEO & Managing Director, Sheffield Precision Medical

"Lots of opportunities for networking and learning, in a relaxed atmosphere."
—Diane Dobrea, Chief Legal Counsel, Kapstone Medical

"The best show in the orthopaedic world, focusing on putting OEM contacts together with contract manufacturers."
—Casey Tuller, Director of Development, Advantage Manufacturing Technologies

"OMTEC was a professional and well-run conference, with high-quality attendees and a great venue. We came away with great leads."
—Joan Lockhart, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Geomagic

"Professionally done, great topic sessions and overall great conference."
—Mary Moynihan-Downes, Sales and Marketing, Titanium Industries

"One of the best OMTEC shows from recent memory. Quality prospects combined with strong attendance made this OMTEC show an excellent investment."
—Phil Cashen, Medical Business Development Manager, PMC Smart Solutions

"The ORTHOWORLD/OMTEC team runs an exceptional show. Everyone was very, very helpful and professional."
—Anthony Pappas, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, LAB Medical Manufacturing

"Since OMTEC is focused solely on orthopedics, the show is smaller and more intimate, and every attendee is practically a pre-qualified lead, which we like.  The show is always classy and executed with perfection, the guest speakers excellent and the food terrific.  We plan to exhibit at OMTEC indefinitely."
—Barry Sobole, Inside Technical Sales, Norman Noble

"OMTEC is a valuable way for us to make contact with the decision-makers at orthopedic OEMs and contract manufacturers. The quality of the attendees is of key importance and continues to rank high among the medical shows that we exhibit at. Thanks for putting on a good show!"
—Hank Ecker, Regional Sales Manager, Rollomatic

"OMTEC is a great opportunity to have business development meetings with existing customers and meet a few new customers.  This is why we continue to exhibit."
—Jodie Gilmore, Vice President of Strategic Business Development, Onyx Medical 

"I found that several of my customers had a large representation at the show. This allowed for beneficial chats that would not easily have taken place otherwise.  It’s nice to have multiple people from one company together at one time."
—Sarah Stanley, Business Development Manager, Tegra Medical

"The show was a good value for us and we feel that it will generate the return expected."
—Erik VanOver, Sales Manager, Professional Plastics 

"OMTEC is operated better than any other exhibition. It is easy to exhibit and is a good value for the investment of time and resources."
—Joe Saad, Director of Sales, Acme Manufacturing 

"This is currently the only trade show we participate in each year. It generates the right audience and good solid leads for our business."
—Tim Turner, Sales Development Manager, Onyx Medical 

"OMTEC is a well-thought-out show.  I personally heard several comments regarding how it felt high-class."
—Tony DeHart, Production Manager, Micro Machine