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Sponsorship and Advertising

In direct response to exhibitor feedback, OMTEC’s sponsorships have evolved into multi-faceted, resource-supported initiatives aimed at reinforcing your company’s brand and capabilities. Each sponsorship is crafted, managed and measured by PEOPLE who are committed to ensuring true, practical return on your dollars.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Heightened brand visibility by being listed first and most prominently in the online exhibitor listing. Sponsors are also highlighted throughout the year in tweets from @OMTEC_expo, the BONEZONE/OMTEC monthly eNewsletter as well as in the print and digital OMTEC programs and onsite signage. In short, we employ all our resources to elevate sponsors’ brands.
  • Power to waive registration fees by way of a unique promo code. Your company's exclusive code is good for an unlimited number of conference pass registrations.
  • More booth traffic by incentivizing OEM attendees with valuable giveaways when they demonstrate that they’ve visited every sponsor booth!

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Sponsor Wednesday evening's first-class Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall where your company is prominently displayed as host.


Your choice of the following sponsorships: Keynote Breakfast, Keynote Lunch, Knowledge Center (on the Exhibit Hall floor) or the Technical Seminar Area (on the Exhibit Hall floor). 


Networking Breakfast - 
Sponsor the networking breakfast where your company will be prominently displayed as host!

Networking Lunch -
Educational sessions adjourn for lunch where your company will be prominently displayed as host!

Conference Bags -
All attendees carrying a portfolio bearing your logo!


Refreshment Break -

Your choice of one of the breaks where refreshments are served on the floor. 

Name Badge Lanyards
All attendees wearing your company logo/name around their necks.

Education Session Rooms -
Sponsor available educational session rooms. Your company logo will be prominently displayed as the host of the education offered in that room. 

Drink Tickets - 
Sponsor the drink tickets for Tuesday night's Welcome Reception! 


Water Coolers -
Sponsor the water coolers to have your company logo prominently displayed on the exhibit floor. 

Optional à la carte value-adds:

Registration Pens

Marketing material in conference bags
An easy way to connect with attendees; you provide the brochure/giveaway and OMTEC staff will "stuff" the item into each attendee conference bag.



Advertising Opportunities

The Advance Program will include exhibitor contact information to reinforce your brand. This ships withBONEZONEin December 2014 to over 6,000 orthopaedic device company decision makers worldwide, and is also available for download

The Final Program will also include full exhibitor contact information. This will be distributed onsite and available in a download and tablet-friendly version

 Print Advertising (includes ePub) BONEZONE OMTEC
 Front inside cover  $5,915  $2,575 
 Back inside cover spread  $8,495  Inquire
 Back outside cover  $5,395  $3,090
 Back inside cover  $4,495  $2,060
 Double page spread  $5,395  Inquire
 Full page  $3,645  $1,725
 Half page  $2,650  $1,150
 Quarter page  $2,035  $695
 Full page Player Profile (Dec. issue only, Players only)  $2,595  N/A
 Website Advertising   BONEZONE OMTEC
 1 year  $11,750 $11,750 
 6 months  $7,250 $7,250 
 3 months   $4,800 $4,800 
 Video   $4,750 $4,750 
 Video Series Sponsorship  $1,200+ $1,200+ 
 Content Supporter   $995 N/A 
 White Paper  $895 $895 
 Classified   $575 N/A 
 eNewsletter Sponsorship BONEZONE OMTEC
 Top Leaderboard $895 $895
 Bottom Leaderboard $695 $695
 Additional Offerings BONEZONE OMTEC
 Featured Player Profile (print and digital) $3,645 N/A
 Player Profile (digital only) $2,000 N/A