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Give Yourself a Competitive Advantage with OMTEC Graphics!

You’re invited and encouraged to use these OMTEC graphics (on your website, in your eNewsletters, etc.)! The OMTEC brand has significant equity – leverage it to build awareness of your company’s presence.

Simply right-click on any image, select the “Save Image As” option and save the image to your computer. When publishing the image in your eNewsletter or website, don’t forget to link it to!

Looking to market your OMTEC presence to an expanded audience? Digital and print advertising opportunities are available to build your brand visibility throughout the entire year. 


Displays as 150x180 pixels:

OMTEC 2017 WHITE 150x80   OMTEC 2017 150x80
OMTEC 2017 Seal  

OMTEC 2017 Seal 150x150 transprent background 
OMTEC 2017 Exhibitor Badge

OMTEC2017 Exhibitor

Displays as 250x157 pixels:

OMTEC 2017 250x157       OMTEC 2017 WHITE 250x157

 Displays as 300x250 pixels:

 OMTEC 2017 300x250        OMTEC 2017 WHITE 300x250

 Displays as 468x60 pixels:

OMTEC 2017 468x60       OMTEC 2017 WHITE 468x60


 Displays as 728x90 pixels:

OMTEC 2017 728x90

OMTEC 2017 WHITE 728x90

 Displays as 950x190 pixels:

OMTEC 2017 950x190

OMTEC 2017 WHITE 950x190